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What is PMI and why is it important?

PMI stands for postmortem interval, or the amount of time that has elapsed since an individual died. This is imperative in forensic investigations to facilitate the identification of an unknown person and help to reconstruct the events around the time of their death. 

What is GIS?

GIS stands for geographic information system. With GIS, you are able to take spatial location and layers of geographic information to analyze and organize data.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, fill out the request access page. Once we grant you approval, you will receive a link to get started.


Tech. Support?

If technical problems occur, please contact us through email:

How do I cite geoFOR in a paper or forensic report?

Weisensee, K.E., Ehrett, C., Smith D.H., Carbajales-Dale, P., Claflin, P., Tica, C., Atwell, M.M. (2023). geoFOR application [Computer software and mobile app].

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