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How to Edit Your Cases

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In case new information becomes available about the case, or if you need to correct the information entered, you have the option of editing your own cases. 

Step One:

Go to Account Login - ArcGIS Online and click on Sign In.


Step Two:

Log in using your GeoFOR account username and password. 

Step Three:

Click on Groups at the top. 

Step Four:

Click on Decomposition Database Survey Submitters

Step Five:

Click on the blue map, as highlighted by the red arrow. 

Step Six:

Click on Open in new Map Viewer, then click on the table icon under Content. Now you can view all the cases you entered; they should appear both on the map and as a table, as seen in the example dataset presented here (these cases are not real). 

Step Seven:

As shown in the example dataset table (not real cases), the users can left-click to select the case they wish to edit (highlighted in blue), and then double-click on the field they wish to edit (the Deposition site type field in this case).  

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