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About geoFOR

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GeoFOR is a crowdsourced forensic taphonomy database that seeks to address current gaps in the field related to postmortem interval estimation by adhering to the Standard for Taphonomic Observations in Support of the Postmortem Interval (2022). Our app remedies longstanding issues in forensic application by providing an ongoing, mass collaborative reference sample that spans a breadth of environments, includes decomposition characteristics that better encapsulate the complexities of the process, and employs machine learning models to improve PMI predictions. GeoFOR also equips forensic practitioners with a readily available tool to enter case information that automates the collection of environmental data and delivers a PMI prediction using statistically robust methods.

To learn more about geoFOR, watch the following webinar archived through the National Institute of Justice Forensic Technology Center of Excellence. 

geoFOR database

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GeoFOR's ongoing database began in 2019 and currently contains nearly 3,000 cases across four continents, with most cases from the United States. Our reference dataset currently consists of 750 cases from human decomposition facilities and over 2,200 medicolegal forensic cases. 

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