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geoFOR: Where Geospatial Information Meets Forensic Science

This research addresses the lack of a robust dataset for examining and improving methods to determine the postmortem interval (PMI) in forensic investigations. Our app was made for you as a practitioner to help develop our knowledge and improve the PMI methods.

How it Works

Our Servuces
How to

geoFOR has created a step by step process. With these methods, you will be able to help create a data set to be used to develop new methods.

Helpful Definitions

Here are the definitions for each term used within the app. This will be helpful to keep personal bias out of the process to ensure the data set is robust. 

Survey Link

If you have already registered, please find here the direct link to the survey.


We have the answers to your questions regarding the research project and future work. We hope to make your use of this app as easy as possible. 

Quantifying the Problem 

The problem practitioners face is the lack of robust data and the environmentally  diverse areas where the dead are found. Here we address the depth of the issue.

Request Access

geoFOR is ready for you to help improve the methods needed by practitioners. Here, you can access the information needed to begin using the application. We hope you will take part in this research.

Ready to find out more?

geoFOR is here to help increase knowledge by lending a decomposing hand. Our mission is to gather as much information as possible on the postmortem interval to expand the possibility of creating an PMI calculator. 

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