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geoFOR: Where Geospatial Science Meets Forensics

The geoFOR application provides forensic practitioners with a free tool to estimate the postmortem interval (PMI), or time since death. The app uses ArcGIS and machine learning to deliver data-driven PMI estimations via email shortly after case submission.  


GeoFOR seeks to address longstanding methodological issues involving PMI estimation by using a machine learning model and automating the collection of weather data. The model draws upon a large, ongoing, and collaborative reference dataset derived from medicolegal forensic cases and human decomposition research facilities.

Katherine E. Weisensee, Cristina I. Tica, Madeline M. Atwell, Carl Ehrett, D. Hudson Smith, Patricia Carbajales-Dale, Patrick Claflin, Noah Nisbet,

geoFOR: A collaborative forensic taphonomy database for estimating the postmortem interval,

Forensic Science International, Volume 355, 2024, 111934, ISSN 0379-0738,

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